God is a Progressive God – Mrs Rosaline Quaye

The wife of the National Head of the Church of Pentecost in Germany Mrs. Rosaline Quaye has stated that God works without limitation, as a result, he progresses in all he does and moves from glory to glory.

Recounting on how God has successfully led the church in its two Apostolisation retreats at both the South and North Areas respectively, Mrs Rosaline Quaye thanked God for his grace, and favour upon his church.

She mentioned that, the retreat held in Frankfurt during the South Area Apostolisation was massive and the presence of God was heavily felt, but the atmosphere and encounter at the just ended North Apostolisation was amazing and overwhelming .

“In fact, I am overwhelmed. In this particular meeting, God proved that he is great and I am very grateful to him for such an encounter. It was just awesome”, she applauded. 

Mrs. Rosaline Quaye said this during an interview with the Media Ministry of the church after the German North Apostolisation held on 16th March, 2019 in Bremen.

She indicated that, as the church is the “body” of Christ, each and every individual must function well. She likened the church to the human body, explaining that, if the head of a person does not function as it has to, the body becomes very awful.

She encouraged all the women in the church as far as Germany is concerned to rise up and function well, because they play an integral role in the building of God’s church. Mrs. Quaye therefore advised all the women in the church to avail themselves as the church is on the move to possess the Nations for Christ.

“If Christ builds the church, there is no way, he will fail. And I know in the Bible that, God used women just as he used men. So women avail yourself and make sure you will function well where ever you find yourself for God to use you to build his church. So that, the church of God will be very healthy” she concluded.


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