Women’s Ministry


 Holiness! Unto the Lord.

The Women’s Ministry is the Women’s wing of the Church of Pentecost. Besides the core function of praying for the Church, the Women’s Ministry embraces all the women in the Church from all walks of life.  The ministry is responsible for giving employable and vocational skills, as well as training with regards to home management to the women in the Church. Additionally, the Women’s ministry through its teachings Inculcates the fear of God in the women, and encourages the women to build strong prayer lives. The Women in the Church are taught to set good examples as Christian women and wives for the society to emulate. The Women’s Ministry also helps women to recognize their Spiritual Gifts and use them responsibly. The Women’s Ministry organises retreats, seminars, workshops, and symposia in all spheres of life, like; marriage enrichment, wives’ responsibilities at home, child welfare, etc. It also carries out evangelism, counselling and sponsorship activities to help the needy in the church and in the society. The Ministry also performs any other specialized women-related ministry.

The current National leader of the Women’s Ministry is Deaconess Felicia Darko Sakyi assisted by Deaconess Maud Obeng Badu.