Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry takes care of the youth of the Church of Pentecost. Its students’ wing is called Pentecost Students and Associates (PENSA). The students’ wing (PENSA) operates in High schools and tertiary institutions. It is vibrant in evangelism and leadership training.


The Youth Ministry carries out evangelistic activities by preaching, witnessing and winning souls. It encourages the youth to participate fully in the programmes and activities of the Church and further exposes them to the various ministries within the Church. The youth Ministry also trains its members to live a life worthy of emulation and to be responsible people in the society. Leadership of the Ministry teaches the youth to know the values and mission of the Church so as to prepare them to take up leadership positions in the future since they are the future leaders of the Church.


It affords the youth the full opportunity to plan and organise programmes and activities for evangelism in schools, colleges and the tertiary institutions, and encourages them to develop their gifts and qualities of leadership, plan and organise programmes and activities that meet the peculiar needs and aspirations of the youth as well as carrying out other specialized Youth-related ministries. The youth Ministry also organises conferences annually as part of its vision. The Youth Ministry has Pastor Benjamin Mensah as its National leader and he is assisted by Elder Daniel Dwommoh.