Men’s ministry


 Man! The image and the glory of God!

Man! Be stong and courageous!

The Pentecost Men’s Ministry (PEMEM) is the Men’s wing of the Church and it caters for the interest of all the men in the Church. The Men’s Ministry organises seminars, workshops, lectures and symposia on all aspects of life including: Marriage enrichment, husbands’ responsibilities at home, child care and education; business management and techniques; leadership and responsibility in the Church and the State; current affairs at both national and international levels; the teaching of basic principles of domestic law and other specialized men-related ministries. The National PEMEM leader is Pastor Bismark Boachie assisted by Elder James Amoah.

Th Men’s Ministry has the vision to become an effective and significant ministry in the Church that will passionately reach out to Men for Christ in partnership with the church as a whole.

The Ministry also has its mission as a total Christian Man who is committed, spirit-filled and strong in Christ character to positively impact the family, the church and the community.

The Men’s Ministry has five-fold ministry framework which the ministry works with.

Spiritual Life:

  • We seek to encourage growth in knowledge and intimate relationship with God through intentional spiritual discipleship.
  • To bring about a greater measure of unity and spirit of harmony in the body of Christ, where members are united in a common effort for the good of the entire body.

Family Life: To provide a basis for a healthy fellowship among all the men in the Church by creating a ministry that is not in competition with any other ministry but cooperating with all, inspiring its members to be active and responsible, at home, in the local church and in the community. We aim at becoming positive icons in society

 Ministry Life: 

  • To become passionate ministers of Jesus’ movement under the power of the Holy Spirit. (Effectiveness and Impact on Life).
  • To witness to the presence and the power of God in the world today through the message of the Gospel for the total man, and by this, reach men (and women) for Christ, especially those having a similar social, cultural or business interest as the witness.

Professional Life:

  • Modeling Christ-likeness in Humility, Wisdom, Growth, Integrity, and development in the workplace.
  • Exercising cutting-edge professionalism in the spirit of excellence devoid of mediocrity and apathy.

Educational Life:

In most cultures of the world, men are perceived to the repositories of knowledge and wisdom. This perception must be translated into reality, by ensuring that men become studious and approach issues with acuity and precision; and by extension encourage the younger generation to be studious.