National head “schools” South Area officers and leaders on Vision 2023.

As part of this year’s Apostolisation, the National Head of the Church of Pentecost in Germany, Apostle Ebenezer Nii Odai Quaye has taken officers and leaders of the South Area through the Action plans and Implementations of the vision 2023 on Saturday, 9th March, 2019 at the Frankfurt Assembly auditorium.

Apostle Quaye took his time to educate all officers and church leaders who were present on all the aspects of Vision 2023 which is geared towards equipping the Church to Transform Every Sphere of Society with Values and Principles of the Kingdom of God.

In his teachings, he said, the local church is very important due to the fact that, the local church is the arena where members will be equipped to possess the nations. Adding that, all presiding elders should treat their various local assemblies with due diligence. This he said will make the church strong as the vision seeks to do.

He further indicated that, presiding elder, all officers, ministry leaders and workers at the local level should also see themselves as very important and useful tools in the possessing the nations agenda. “We want to develop and strengthen the leadership at the local level. This time, we want to strengthen the local base, so that we build from the base and also make the local church the centre for equipping every member to possess the nations” he stressed.

He again said, one of the action plans as far as the vision is concerned, is to teach the  local church the dual purpose of the church. “The church is called out of the world to belong to God, so we have been called out of the world and sent back to serve and make the world a better place”, he reiterated.

As part of the vision, he encouraged the church to serve their various communities as well as the country in their various capacities and impact them with the values and principles of the Kingdom of God.

Apostle Eben Quaye hinted that, officers and leaders of the church must take time to teach their members on the various world views that contradicts the word of God. He added that, the world is now obsessed with various philosophies and ideologies which are not in line with the principles of the Kingdom of God. “When these world views are not taught for the church to know and understand, they may be corrupted when they are exposed to such teachings. Hence, making the church’s vision difficult to implement” He explained.

He also touched on some aspects of the vision such as intentional discipleship, gospel Sunday, ushering, sitting arrangements, Sunday bible studies among others.


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