Pastor Ortiz Adoglin bids farewell to German North Area Presbytery.

The District minister of the Church of Pentecost in Berlin, Pastor Ortiz Adoglin on Saturday, 12th January, 2019 bade an emotional farewell to the German North Area Presbytery when he attended his last area presbytery meeting as an active minister of the Church of Pentecost.

In a short message to the area presbytery, Pastor Ortiz Adoglin expressed his appreciation to God for calling him to serve in his vineyard and for sustaining him throughout his ministry in the Church.

He also thanked the area head, the pastorate in the area and all the area presbytery for their immense contribution and support during his stay in the area.

He wished the area presbytery well and asked for God’s grace to be with them and see them through their endeavors as he has seen him through. He appealed to them to continue praying for them and also support them as they prepare to bow out of service in seven months time.

Pastor Adoglin assured the area presbytery that, he will come back to the area to visit and to know how the area is doing even in his absence.

“We will continue to visit the area and your districts to know how things are going. It is our prayer that by the time we visit you again, the area will not be like this, but will increase and multiply in all aspects”, he stressed.

He asked for God’s strength to be with the area executive so that they will continue to work hard for the progress of his Kingdom business.

According to Pastor Ortiz, throughout his work as a minister of the Church and as human, he might have stepped on the toes of some individuals. He therefore apologized to anyone he might have offended in discharging his duties, adding that, to err is human, but to forgive is divine.

“If we do not meet each other again, I pray that by the time I turn to see each and every one of you again, I will say congratulations”, he added.

The presbytery also applauded him and gave him a rousing standing ovation to appreciate and honor him. Pastor Ortiz Adoglin will be retiring this year after 8 years of service, and he is the first minister of the Church to retire in Germany.  A retirement service will be held in his honor on Sunday, 11th August, 2019 in Berlin.

Pastor Ortiz Adoglin was called into full time ministry of the Church of Pentecost in 2011.

COP News, Germany.

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