Press on towards the goal – Apostle Eben Quaye urges Christians.


The National Head of the Church of Pentecost in Germany, Apostle Ebenezer Nii Odai Quaye has urged members of the Church of Pentecost not to lose hope and despise themselves but press on towards achieving their goal in life in the year 2019, because there is an upward call of God.

He said this during the maiden edition of the weekly emergency prayers in the year 2019 held on Wednesday, 2nd January, 2019 at Hamburg Central Auditorium of the Church of Pentecost. Apostle Quaye indicated that, as Christians, there will be hardship in life, but knowing the Lord becomes the hope of every Christian because he knows the future.

Apostle Eben Quaye encouraged Christians not to despise themselves and remain where they are because God has greater things for them. He encouraged them to press on towards their goal, and also forget about all the difficult times they went through in 2018. He therefore charged the congregation not to be lazy in prayer, not to be lazy in going to church, because pressing on is done with zeal.

He added that, if you know Christ and know him very well, though there will be hard times, you have the assurance that your redeemer lives. He went on to advise the congregation that, they should not be in a haste in life though people may go ahead of them, because in God’s own appointed time, he will make all things beautiful. “If you know him, you won’t be in a haste, because what God has for you, nobody can take it away from you. What belongs to you is your portion.”, he stressed.

The Man of God charged the congregation to lay behind them whatever hardship and troubles they went through in the year 2018. He also said, they should also forget about the benefits and achievements in the past year and not to be complacent. He revealed that, if one does not forget about them, they will be satisfied and will achieve the same status quo other than progressing.

He also encouraged members of the Church to be generous and help others when they are in need. Using the story of an American man as an example, Apostle Quaye explained that, though the man was rich, he never lived a luxurious life and no one even recognized his riches. According to him, this rich man had built about seven Universities, invested lots of money in Africa for research to be done and made sure the poor was taken care of.

The National Head went on to say that, in an interview with the rich man on CNN, when asked why he was doing all these, he said, “we came to this world empty and we will never go with anything. So, the wealth I have, I have to build the lives of others”. “Who on earth can say that, he or she came to this world having a bag of gold?” He quizzed. Adding that, the wealthiest man on earth can go without anything.

He concluded by urging members of the Church to participate actively in all the activities of the Church in the year 2019 and not to be reluctant. In attendance were Pastor Benjamin Mensah and wife of Hamburg North District, Pastor Akwasi Appiah and wife of Hamburg South District, Overseer Eric Effah Owusu of PIWC Hamburg, the wife of the National Head, Mrs. Rosaline Quaye, Wife of the former Chairman, Mrs. Martha Ntumy and other officers of the Church in Hamburg.

COP News, Germany.
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  1. Dickson Nana Dwommoh says:

    Powerful & Very encouraging words. May the Lord bless Apostle Eben Quaye and the Church of Pentecost Grrmany. Thank you for posting.


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