The Church of Pentecost In Germany will see Expansion – National Head assures Members.

The National Head of the Church of Pentecost in Germany, Apostle Eben Quaye has assured members that, the church will see an expansion in Glory, Power, might, in membership, in wealth because the Lord said, all power belongs to him as well as silver and gold.

He went on to say that, miracles that have never happened in the lives of members is what they will experience, areas that churches have not been planted will be planted and God will raise his church is a higher height.

“So, we will not be satisfied and be happy with this mountain around us and stay too long under this mountain” he stressed. He added that, the lives of the members must change and they must progress in all aspects of their lives. He further elaborated that, their tongues must change and go forward in life.

“You have dwelled long enough at this mountain, this is not where God has destined for you. Go and possess the land” he emphasized.

He made this pronouncement during the Watch Night Service on 31st December, 2018 at the Hamburg Central Auditorium.

Apostle Quaye revealed that, 2019 is a land that has been set before the church, there may be enemies in the land but counting on the Lord who has promised his children, they will progress and possess the land in his name.

The National Head joyfully said that, the church will be victorious in 2019 and beyond. Basing on the five years strategic vision of the Church which is “Possessing the Nations”, he stated that, it does not matter who is occupying the land in places of power, in the political sphere, in education, they must possess the land and be in charge.

He added that, the youth of the Church will take over the land and be in helm of affairs in various positions in the country. This he said is because, the Lord promised their fathers just as he promised Abraham, Jacob and Isaac.

He said the Lord has promised the fathers of the Church in the likes of Rev. James McKeown, Apostle F.S. Sarfo, Prophet M.K. Yeboah, Apostle Dr. M.K. Ntumy, through to Apostle Professor Opoku Onyinah and Apostle Eric Nyamekye.

Apostle Nii Odai Quaye explained that, the Lord’s covenant with the Church is still valid and so based on his covenant with the Church, they shall possess the land, from east to west and from north to south.

He revealed that, God is raising a Kingdom of Army who are anointed and will transform the Nation through them, because they are agents of transformation. hop over to these guys He encouraged the congregation to take their rightful positions and expect that they will be the heads in their various work places and occupations.

He concluded by reminding the church of how small the church was in Hamburg but now, there are three districts. Adding that, now due to how the Church has expanded in Hamburg, they are unable to hold an inter-city joint service.

COP News, Germany.

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