There is order in the house of God – Apostle Quaye to Christians.

The National Head of the Church of Pentecost in Germany, Apostle Nii Odai Quaye, has stated that, the house of God is a place of order, and so Christians must be mindful of how they conduct themselves during Church services and activities. “I want to tell you that, in God’s Church, there is order, so you can not do whatever you like” He added.

Delivering a sermon on Sunday, 6th January, 2019 at Hamburg Central as part of the Lord’s Supper service, Apostle Quaye mentioned that, it has become the duty of some Christians to sabotage the work of God and start to create problems and confusion during Church meetings and other Christian gatherings.

Apostle Eben Quaye went on to say that, these people do that to confuse the minds of the weaker one’s in Church, which sometimes leads to some of them either leaving the Church or not taking part in Church activities.

In a story he shared, he mentioned that, there was a man who always caused confusion during home cell meetings, and later started polluting the minds of the Church members on some practices of the Church.

According to Apostle Quaye, the man became seriously sick as a result of his conduct, which no one could understand, and later led to his sudden death. He therefore added that, no one can fight against God, and it is very dangerous to fall into the wrath of God.

“I said this so that anyone who has in mind to rebel against God’s Church would have a change of mind. Be careful so that you do not fall into the hands of God, because it is terrible”, he emphasized.

He stressed that God is not mocked, and so Christians should not allow themselves to be deceived by others. He therefore advised the congregation to be cautious of their actions to avoid curses, “Do not let anybody deceive you, for God is not mocked. Whatever you sow, you shall reap” He admonished.

He again sated that, Christians who are not ready or do not want to involve themselves in the things of God should keep quiet and desist from causing confusion. Apostle Eben Quaye, therefore advised the congregation against rebelling against God, and admonished those who do that to change. The service was the first communion service in the year 2019.

COP News, Germany.




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