You are called to promote truth and unity – Elder Emmanuel Ompong tells Christians.

The Presiding elder of the Pentecost International Worship Center (PIWC), Barmbek assembly in Hamburg, Elder Emmanuel Ompong, has stated that, Christians are called by God to promote truth and unity in the Church, at their work places and in their communities.

Elder Ompong made this pronouncement when he was delivering a sermon during the first Communion Service at his local assembly on Sunday 6th January, 2019 which also happened to be the first Sunday in the year.

Speaking on the theme, “The church as the body of Christ” which he curved out of the church’s main theme for the year 2019, “I will build my church”, with Bible references from Ephesians 4:11-13 and Mathew 16:18.

Elder Ompong explained that, the Church which is the body of Christ, refers to members who have been called out of the world and been sent to the world to preach the gospel to the lost and make them disciples of Christ.

He said that, aside preaching the gospel to the lost, Christians also have the responsibility of been truthful and must have the sense of unity. This, he said will lead to the growth of the Church. “When members of the Church become one, the church will mature and grow” he stressed.

He went further to say that, being truthful as Christians must be a virtue every Christian must uphold, and must not be limited to certain areas of their lives but in everything they do. Adding that, their truthfulness must reflect in their marriages, workplaces, schools, communities or societies and in their secret places.

The PIWC Barmbek Presiding elder revealed that, when Christians are truthful in all their endeavours, the outcome is unity. He explained that, it will help prevent any form of misunderstanding or arguments among friends, members in a society, church members, couples, school mates and employees.

He also explained that, building the Church of God does not mean buying plots of land to put up Church buildings, but to propagate the gospel and transform lives in the communities.

“You must share the good news, so that others will be saved. If we want to build the Church, then we must propagate the good news. Share your life changing experiences with others. We must also increase in number”, he admonished.

Elder Ompong mentioned that, the purpose for building the Church of God is to equip the people of God for his work and service as well as to attain the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.

He concluded his sermon by saying that, the first biblical reference to the body of Christ was made by Jesus himself during the Lord’s Supper, and therefore urged the congregation to always take part in the communion because it shows that they are part of the body of Christ.


COP News, Germany.

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  1. David Twum Gyan says:

    Wow very powerful, God bless you so much man of God.


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